The Power of Hugs and A Hug Plan

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Almost a year ago I introduced the concept of a Hug Plan with Huggies on the blog while my husband and I were planning for the arrival of our baby girl. At the time we read about the importance of early skin-to-skin contact with the baby but after going through the first few months, we quickly realized firsthand how truly important skin-to-skin contact is especially right after birth. I heard from many parents that it’s an indescribable feeling when you hold your child for the first time and I can very much attest to that. There’s nothing else like it.

What is a Hug Plan?

A hug plan is designed to enhance your own birth plan by helping you provide skin-to-skin hugs for your baby immediately. The plan is a tool to help parents make decisions together with their doctor and midwives. With the high emotions and stress of delivery, it helps to have this plan laid out.

How do you Hug?

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Why Should you Hug?

I described why I love hugging my daughter in another blog post and touched on some personal benefits that I encountered with skin-to-skin contact. According to research there are all kinds of health and developmental benefits for babies.

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How to use your Hug Plan

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My original Hug Plan Written and Photographed in January 2018

The hug plan was easy to fill out and straight forward and I discussed my wishes with my doctor prior to delivery. The hug plan was helpful in articulating my wishes of being able to see and provide skin-to-skin hugs to my baby as soon as possible and every step of the after-birth process. The discussion is important to have prior to delivery because sometimes with the excitement and stress of delivery things don’t always happen as you want them to.  I was fortunate that my doctor and hospital were big advocates of skin-to-skin contact and I was never separated from my baby unnecessarily. Although, I had a C-section for medical reasons, I was still able to practice skin-to-skin with Shaelyn following the delivery and even while being transferred to the ward. Honestly, I was super tired but glad for being able to enjoy that moment. Even after almost 10 months, I continue to provide as many hugs as I can to my daughter and will continue to as long as she will let me.

If you’re preparing for birth, create your own hug plan, please visit the Huggies®No Baby Unhugged site.  

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 How did you feel hugging your baby for the first time?

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