Spring is coming, but not soon enough

Hello everyone,

I’m so looking forward to spring; no more snow, warmer weather, and cute fashion. Today I had some time to waste, so I visited a few of my favourite clothing websites to check out the new spring and summer trends. As you may or may not know, I’m not real big on following trends because I often like to wear what I want, when I want to. However, I did see some nice items that most people could easily make their own. Here are some of the spring and summer trends of 2011 that I’m personally excited about.

Model in grey top and brown high waisted pants

Bold colours, patterns, neutrals, high waisted pants, at knee or below the knee skirts, maxi dresses, cropped tops, light weight dress shirts, bell bottoms and biker fashion are just some of the items that you may see this spring. So stay tuned for upcoming spring fashion.



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