Shopping Day!!!

ready to shop

Ready, set, and shop!!! Hey everyone, i am back again with some wise words and some photos i took during an afternoon of shopping. A few days ago i went shopping with some girlfriends in downtown Toronto. It was fun and much needed. Oh, yes that is my friend,Abena in the turban. She has been featured on my blog before, here is the link:

SIncerely Jackline and Abena on a shopping day

         We walked so much that day, that once i got home it was straight to bed for me. Anyways, we mostly shopped on the streets  rather than the mall. We also went thrifting, which  i was excited to do  because this was my first time going with the “thrifting queen”, Abena. It was so fun, and together we found alot of interesting goodies including this shiny green dress. Unfortunately, none of us brought the dress.

Green metallic dress


Jackline and her friends on a shopping


          And yes of course, no good day could have ended without food. We found an extremely cheap place on Queen st. It was an Korean and Japanese restaurant . We were served appetizers that consisted of a small salad, miso soup, 2 other side dishes, then our main course pictured below for less than $11. Whoa!!!


appetizers that consisted of a small salad, miso soup, 2 other side dishes


          So i leave you with some wise words, enjoy life because life is indeed too short. Also live it living and not just going through the actions. I see way too much sickness and death in my occupation to worry about little things. Until next time, love,



Sincerely Miss J



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  1. Black Butterfly
    October 30, 2011 / 3:32 pm

    your outfit is sooo cute! you have fantastic style!

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