Inspiration-Thank you!!

Jackline in her orange pants, denim shirt and black jacket           Hey everyone,  a while  ago I received a comment from a lovely fellow blogger Jersey Blogess stating that she saw one of my outfit posts awhile back (see picture on the left). She then went on to say that she was inspired to do her own version. After seeing her version, I must say she did a great job using that concept and making it practical to her. After reading that comment it really made my day because it is one thing to just post stuff, but when people actually read it or get inspired by it, its something else. Thank you jersey blogess, this post was a long time coming.

I also want to thank Sharon from Sharzville for featuring me and my style on her site. Thank you for asking me to participant. Click here for the feature.

For me, fashion is all about inspiration, however personal style occurs when you can take something and make it your own. We all don’t have the ability to wear the exact things that come directly off the run ways or off our favourite celebrities, style gurus or bloggers but we can be inspired.  So again thanks Jersey Blogees and Sharon. So what inspires me and sharps what I wear? Many things and many people. These are some pictures that are really inspiring me right now.

beautiful natural look
Textured Belted Coat
 Textured Belted Coats
Dark Coloured Sheer Skirts
Dark Coloured Sheer Skirts

Wide Legged Trousers 

Wide Legged Trousers
(all images from the show blog)
Until next time
Sincerely Miss J


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  1. Jersey Blogess
    December 4, 2011 / 2:37 pm

    awwww…thanks Mama 🙂 Kisses.

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