How to: Dollar Tree DIY wall sconce

I am super excited to share how to make your very own DIY wall sconce using some unlikely and inexpensive items that you can find at the Dollar Tree. This step by step tutorial will show you how to make these beautiful portable wall sconces that you can add anywhere in your home. The bonus, there are no wires and no drills needed for this DIY project.


We have finally done something to our dining room and when we were all finished I felt like something was missing. I felt like it needed more glam but I was not sure what I was going to do. I remember seeing a similar tutorial on  YouTube and was inspired to make my own Dollar Tree DIY Wall sconces. 


  • 2 Round mirror candle-holders ( Dollar Tree)
  • 2 Auto funnels ( Dollar Tree)
  • 1 package of plastic wine glasses ( Dollar Tree)
  • 1 package of plastic silver napkin holders ( Dollar Tree)
  • Spray Paint- Gold (Walmart)
  • Command strips
  • E6000 glue 
  • 2 Push light ( Dollar Tree) – optional 

How to make a wall sconce

STEP 1: Remove the felt backing on the backside of the mirrors. Then set aside both mirrors.

STEP 2: Grab two bases from the package of plastic wine glasses. In the packaging, the top and base of the wine glasses are separate.  Spray paint the wine glass base your desired color or you can leave it clear. I preferred it gold so I went back to spray paint both bases gold. The dollar tree also has sliver wine glass bases so if you prefer silver you will not have to spray paint them. 

STEP 3: Grab your two auto funnels and spray paint them your desired color. I sprayed painted them gold. Allow drying.

STEP 4: Glue the napkin holder to the top part of the wine glass base and allow it to dry. I used e6000 for a stronger hold ( I ended up changing my mind and spray painted the base gold which you will see in step 5).

STEP 5: Glue the wine glass base with the napkin holder onto the mirror base and allow it to dry.

STEP 6: Adhere your command strips to the back of the mirror and place on the wall

STEP 7: Place your dried gold-painted auto funnels into the napkin holder.

STEP 8: If you would like to use these as lighted wall scones. Apply some floral form into the funnel and place a push light into the top of the funnel. An easier option would be using remote-controlled lights so you don’t have to operate manually. At this time I opted not to do that.

STEP 9: You are done! Enjoy your beautiful DIY wall sconce creations.

I am in love with how they turned out and I love how they don’t look like a DIY project that I spent $5-$6 dollars to make. It adds so much character to the wall and I can easily take them down if I change my mind. 

Hope you enjoyed this DIY. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

Until Next Time,

Sincerely Jackline

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