How to: DIY faux greenery wall hanging

a faux plant wall hanging above the cribSince moving into our new home we have been tackling one room at a time. We started in my daughter’s room because that was the most finished room furniture wise before we moved. We needed some wall art to hang above the crib but I wanted to do something a bit different than the regular nursery prints. I also wanted to add more greenery to the room without having to place planters on the floor. I was inspired to make this DIY faux greenery wall hanging from my
 4 budget friendly holiday table setting tips post where a similar wall was seen behind the table setting. This DIY is easy, budget friendly and all the items can be re-purposed and used for other things if you want to change things up. You can see more of the nursery in my recent post baby nursery decor must haves in six steps, where I share more pictures.

close of up of faux greenery wall hanging

What you will need:

Ikea: Fiskbo Frame ( 41cm x 51cm)

Ikea: FEJKA Artificial plant ( 10 ¼x10 ¼ )

Double sided tape


Picture hanging hardware 


A white Fiskbo frame from ikea

A close up of the Fejka artificial plant

  1. Remove packing from Fiskbo frame including the transparent protector cover on both sides of Polystyrene.
  2. Remove cardboard backing ( for transparent look) and store for later use
  3. Use double sided tape to secure one Fejka artificial plant to the center of the frame.A backview of the Fejka artificial plantA close up a faux plant wall hanging
  4. Hang faux greenery wall hanging with picture hanging hardware . Make two more and hang all three together. You can choose to hang them side by side or space them out.

baby crib with faux greenery wall hanging as nursery wall art

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How to: DIY Greenery Wall Hanging


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