fixer Uppers!

Hey everyone, today marks the official start of my spending diet. I don’t know how long it will last for, but I will try my best to walk away from any type of temptation. Therefore, I will only buy what I need and not what I want. I need to save up for my trip to Ghana next month!!!
Okay back to the post, so this post is about fixer uppers. Approximately 2-3 weeks ago I went outlet shopping and found some items for cheap. I found these items at one store where they had a section where damaged items were placed. Now, I have been in this store many times before, but never really had an interest in going through their damaged clothing racks until that day. What surprised me the most was  that some of the items were so modestly damaged, and were priced at more than 80% off the original price. Therefore, I am offering this option to you if available, don’t only scout the clearance racks but also the damaged pile. You may get lucky, just maybe.

Some tips:
1. Find what  and where  the damage is.
2. Assess how damaged the item is and if it can be fixed.
3. Can this item easily be fixed by you? if not, how much will it cost to be repaired?
4. Is the item worth the effort and money?

So this is the stuff that I picked up, they are basic pieces, but at those prices why not?

nice looking striped skirt
small rip in black band $3, org. 19.99
striped top
rip in the seam, $5 org. $29.99 (sale price)
top with broken strap
 strap broken, $3 org. $27.99
denim shirt
snap bottom fell off, $5 org ??
Sleeveless top with stripes
small pin hole, $3 org. $17.99

All the items were easy to repair or cover up so i am happy. Look for some of these items in later posts. Remember the denim shirt from that orange pants post? 😉

Sincerely miss J


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