Easy DIY Coastal Decor Candle Holder

DIY Coastal Decor Candle Holder with shell

Give your home a coastal/ beach feel with this easy DIY coastal decor candle holder. Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere near the ocean or a beach  but I love the claiming nature of coastal decor. From the beautiful blues, turquoises and whites to neutral accents. I love it all!

It’s been almost 6 months since moving into our new home and this long weekend I was eager to decorate. I decided to bring some coastal decor into my home by DIYing a few items to decorate my living room. The great thing about this DIY project is that all the materials are inexpensive and can be found at The Dollar Tree or any other Dollar Store’s craft section.

Full disclosure: I personally do not light candles in my home. With a toddler and just being paranoid I prefer to use candles for decoration purposes. Therefore, I can not recommend that you light the candle. I would recommend using LED candles if you wish to light the candle.

Making your DIY Coastal Decor Candle Holder


Cylinder vase ( Dollar Tree)

Nautical rope ( Dollar Tree)

Jute Twine ( Dollar Tree)

Wood nautical figures  from the Dollar Tree. I used the anchor from the pack.

Hot glue and E-600 ( optional)

Candle or LED candle ( Dollar Tree)


  1. Apply glue to the bottom of the glass vase and wrap the nautical rope around the bottom of the vase until you get to about 1/3 of the way up. Cut and glue the rope in place.
  2. Set glass vase aside.  Take your anchor or wooden figure ( you can skip this step and opt to glue whatever you would like directly on the rope or leave the vase like this).  Paint the anchor white. Let it dry.
  3.  To give it more dimension and a weathered look. Use a dry brush technique to apply brown paint the edges ( for the dry brush technique apply a small amount of paint to the brush, then brush off excess).
  4. Feed twine through anchor and tie to the top of the glass cylinder. Pour brown sand into 2/3 or half of the cylinder. Then apply your candle or LED candle. Then you are ready to enjoy your easy DIY coastal decor  candle holder.

DIY Coastal Decor Candle Holder with shell

Hope you enjoyed this DIY.

Until Next Time,

Sincerely Jackline

How are your decorating your home for summer?

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Easy DIY Coastal Decor candle holder and Shell


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