Super Easy Natural Hairstyles For Kids

Super Easy Natural Hairstyles For Kids

Super Easy Natural Hairstyles For Kids

Looking for super easy natural hairstyles for kids? You have come to the right place. Kid’s hair requires different care from adult hair. To take care of your kid’s hair, focus on the products you use and style the hair with care. Healthy hair doesn’t just happen, it is the result of proper care and maintenance. As a busy mom who is not well versed in complicated natural hairstyles for a toddler or has a toddler who will sit long enough to get a complicated style completed. I was looking for super easy natural hairstyles for kids so I could use them as inspiration for my daughter’s hair. It is not easy finding super easy natural hairstyles to keep their hair healthy and protected but these moms have blown me away with their style inspiration. Keep reading to see more super easy natural hairstyles for kids. I hope you will be inspired by this list. 

6 Super Easy Natural Hairstyles to Protect Your Kid’s Hair

These hairstyles are perfect for protecting hair and promoting growth:

1. Cornrows

Cornrow braids are great styling mechanisms if you want your kid’s hair to grow, rest or you’re just tired of fussing with it daily. Braids are a great protective style to keep your child’s hair hidden and protected from elements such as the sun, wind, and extreme temperatures. You do not need to get super fancy with your cornrows.

French braids and cornrow style by cocostyles81

2. French braids

French braids are so versatile and easy to maintain. Whether you decide to braid straight back or up into ponytails with the ends of the hair left out, this style is sure to put a smile on your little one’s face. Above is a mixture of cornrows and two large french braids. You can mix elements to make even more unique styles


3. Mohawks

Mohawks are so much fun and can be styled in so many ways. The mohawk style can easily be achieved with just a few ponytails gathered at the middle of the head secured by rubber bands or hair ties. The mohawk below is made up of large bantu knots and secured with colorful beads. 

Mohawk/ bantu knot style by sekoraandsefari- check out their youtube channel, here

4. Bantu knots, Buns and Puff

Bantu knots, buns and puff are easy to do and the results are super cute. Bantu Knots provide two, sometimes three, hairstyles in one. You can achieve this look by sectioning the hair into parts all over the head, then twisting those individual sections until they form mini knots. A High bun or a puff is quite simple styles that you can have fun with them by adding other elements like the bun below. 

Bun style by sekoraandsefari  check out their youtube channel, here

5. Twists

Twists hairstyles have become an all-time favorite natural hairstyle and quite easy to style. This style looks fabulous on any hair type and hair length.

Twists Picture from glory and coils


6. Teeny Weeny Afro (T WA)

If your child has a TWA and none of these styles work for her, then consider just letting her rock her fro. There are so many ways to style a cute little afro such as adding a clip or hair bow, pulling it back with a headband, pinning up one side, or pulling the front into a ponytail and letting the back hang down.

The great thing about natural hair is that it is versatile. Having short or long natural hair doesn’t limit the hairstyles your child can have. There are so many beautiful and creative styles that can make your little one happy and protected. And when styling, be mindful of the tension and pulling that these styles put on their edges. Try to switch up the styles to give the edges a break. I hope you were inspired by all these natural hairstyles for kids. 

I hope you enjoyed the post. Which of these hairstyles do you love creating for your kids? 

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Super Easy Natural Hairstyles For Kids



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