DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs Tutorial

Are you feeling the unicorn trend? After throwing my daughter a Magical Unicorn Themed Birthday Party, unicorns have become my new obsession. Therefore, it was only fitting to create these adorable DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs. 

Here is what you will need:

Craft eggs 

Tiny spring flowers ( I used paper flowers from the dollar store)

Quick dry clay or gold paper 

Gold leaf paper

Black permanent marker

Hot glue


1. Take your clay and roll two small thin pieces like pictured below

2. Twist the two pieces together to form a unicorn horn. 

3. Let clay harden as per packaging instructions. Once hardened apply Mod Podge and apply gold leaf paper.

An alternative to making the horn is making it out of gold paper instead. Cut a small triangle and roll into a small cone shape. 

4. Add flower to the top of the egg. You can add how many flowers you want. My flowers were big so I only added one.

5. Then glue on horn 

6. Draw on sleepy eyes with lashes using a black permanent marker. 

And there you have it. You now have these adorable unicorn Easter eggs.

Hope you enjoyed the post 

Until Next Time, 

Sincerely Miss J

Will you be decorating Easter Eggs this Easter?

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DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs Tutorial: Sincerely Miss J


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