DIY Christmas Placemat Pillows Tutorial

While I was wandering through the Dollar Tree  I found these beautiful Christmas inspired placemats. I love Christmas, so I was excited to start decorating. Read my 4 Budget-Friendly Holiday Table Setting tips to see how you can enjoy Christmas decor on a budget. Maybe too soon to think about Christmas but when you see these kinds of things at the Dollar Tree you need to grab them before they are gone. Today, I am showing you how I made these Pinterest inspired DIY Christmas placemat pillows using a majority of Dollar Tree supplies including these adorable placemats. They took 20 mins to make not including glue drying time. The grand total to make these DIY Christmas placemat pillows were $4 dollars for both pillows. In order for this project to work make sure you find placemats that are double-sided so you can open them up and add the filler or pillow. Keep reading to see how you can make your own DIY Christmas placemat pillow.


  • Pillow or Fiberfill (already had available from an old pillow) 
  • Double-sided placemat ( Dollar Tree)
  • Sequin trim ( in your desired color from the Dollar  Tree
  • Needle and thread ( already had) 
  • Fabric glue or e6000 ( already had from Michaels) 
  • Cardboard



Freehand the wording of your choice with chalk or something that will easily rub off. I decided on  “JOY” and “MERRY” for my pillows. If you are not comfortable writing in free-hand. You can try printing out your lettering and tracing it on the pillow.


Open up the stitching at the bottom half of the pillow.


Insert the cardboard cut out the same width and height of your lettering into the pillow. You want to do this so your pillow does not stick together due to the glue. Begin gluing your sequin trim onto your lettering design. Let the glue dry.


Once the glue has dried. Remove the cardboard. Insert your pillow form or stuff your pillow with Fiberfill.


Sew together the opened area with the same color thread and your festive DIY Christmas placemat pillows are done.

I love how easy this project turned out. I am loving the glam element that the sequins add. However, you can easily skip the lettering if it’s not your thing.

I styled my pillows with some snowflake Christmas pillows from Homesense in my living room.

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY pillow tutorial and if you make them yourself be sure to tag me in it. 

Which one was your favorite design? 

Until Next Time,

Sincerely Jackline

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