Diy Boho Decor Mirror Ideas

Diy Boho Decor Mirror Ideas

Anything rattan or raffia is definitely a must-have in interior design if you are interested in the boho aesthetic. I am sure you have seen these pretty mirrors in some of your favorite home decor stores like Anthropology or Urban Outfitters. I love them but I did not like the price as in most of these stores they can run $60 +. That is why I decided to make my own using a majority of Dollar Tree items. My versions cost way less and look just as good. I created a video below to share some DIY Boho Decor Mirror Ideas that you can make yourself using common materials.


I hope you enjoyed these  Diy Boho Decor Mirror Ideas. Which one is your favourite? Leave your comments below.

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Diy Boho Decor Mirror Ideas








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