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This week’s item for”currently crushing on” a casual girl’s best friend. I was at work on Monday and I proceeded to sit on my chair like I do every work day. The next thing I heard was a loud “rippp” sound from the seams of my pant pulling apart. Within seconds my
bottom was more or less exposed *hides face in shame*. The bright side was that my coworker and I were the only ones present at the time. After a few minutes of uncontrollable
laugher I made my way to the closest store which happened to be a Joe Fresh. My bottom was covered with a sweater to hide the huge rip so I could get some replacement pants.

I asked the
sales associate if they had any joggers in stock and she was kind enough to
pull out a pair from the back for me and I must admit my day seemed a whole lot
brighter after that. The quality of the pant is pretty good! I walked home after work (1hr and 15 minutes) and they were
super comfortable, and at $24 you cannot go wrong. I picked up a pair in
the large size for that slight slouchy look and feel. 


Let me know
if you ever experienced a wardrobe malfunction.

 Do you wear joggers and how
many pairs of joggers do you own?


Until Next Time, 

Sincerely Shubila 


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