Currently Crushing On: Beyonce’s “Formation” Video, 5 Reasons Why I Love it!


Beyoncé Formation: 5 reasons why I love it

I have not done a “Currently Crushing On” in awhile, however I want to reignite this section to share with you again what I’m currently loving.
It seems like the whole world knows by now that Beyoncé suddenly dropped a new video for her track ‘Formation’ that basically broke the internet. I was a bit late to the party because I wasn’t feeling the song initially.  It wasn’t until I saw her noteworthy Superbowl performance that I warmed up to Formation and took in the video a bit more.


I will be honest and say I was slow to jump on the Formation bandwagon as I wasn’t excited about the beat from the clips I saw on social media.  However, it peaked my interest and I decided to check it out. I am still not loving the song but I’m currently crushing on Beyoncé’s Formation for these 5 reasons:

Beyoncé Formation: 5 reasons why I love it

1. Beyoncé has several #girlboss moments and continues to remind people why she is at the top. People flock to her and you can’t help but respect her hustle. She shows that being a wife and a mother is not slowing her down.


2. Beyoncé slays and she knows it! Beyoncé goes hard by proclaiming ” I slay” and encourages you to say the same by saying “You slay”. She shows that confidence is key and promotes a message of self love and self worth. The key to building confidence is positive affirmations and surrounding yourself with positive energy.

Beyoncé Formation: 5 reasons why I love it

3. She knocks society’s view of beauty. I’m loving the fact that Beyoncé takes a stand by protesting  society’s standards of beauty. She proclaims that when you’re outside of the standard of beauty that society portrays, you need to be proud of it. Regardless of the haters. Beauty is diverse and not always necessarily what we are constantly fed through television or media.


4. She encourages unity but also cleverly encourages information seeking. The word formation can refer to getting into position to accomplish something.  Beyoncé goes hard with the message of coming together to stand up for something. There is a lot of injustice and negativity in the world and if we collectively stand up for a cause we will ultimately achieve more than what can be accomplished with a single voice. She also seems to play on the concept of getting information by the line “Let’s get in formation,” where the “in” and the “formation” can blend together to form the word “information. I took that as her subtly saying, “Let’s educate ourselves about who we are and what’s happening around us.

Beyoncé Formation: 5 reasons why I love it

Beyoncé Formation: 5 reasons why I love it
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5. The video is creative and takes risks with her lyrical and visual choices.  The video shows how  Beyoncé is unafraid to play with new looks. In the video, she rocks  multiple  hairstyles and outfits that have you wondering where she got them from.


Hope you enjoyed the post

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What did you think of the Formation song/video? Why are the reasons why you love it or hate it?

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  1. Natalie Da Silva
    February 11, 2016 / 10:47 pm

    Sooooo in obsessed with beyonces formation song & video ! Its one of her best & love how you interpreted it ! Great post xx

  2. MsJPetite
    February 12, 2016 / 6:27 pm

    Great post! I agree which each point..its unfortunate that some people do not see this message she is trying to send out

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