5 secrets to building your wardrobe on a budget

5 secrets for building your wardrobe on a budget

It can be extremely expensive to build a wardrobe that you love. Clothing and accessories can add up quickly. Resolve to buy all of the things you need and want but pay less money for them. Here are 5 secrets to building a wardrobe that you will love on a budget without going broke. I recently, had to rebuild a large part of my wardrobe as my body changed after having my daughter. 

1. Know when to buy, buy during sale time:

Have you ever purchased something and a week later the item is on sale. What an awful feeling. One of the things that has helped me build my  wardrobe is buying items at specific times. I recommend knowing how store inventory works and when things go on sale so you can score them before they disappear at great prices. If you’re looking for winter gear try to buy in February. Often times retailers will be looking to get rid of cold-weather inventory around this time. At this time I tend to purchase high quality sweaters and update my winter jacket if I need a new one. In the same instance May is a great time to grab some spring clothing and accessories. While July is a great time to grab summer gear if you want a wide selection but for the cheapest prices  you may want to wait until August. There may not be much but prices are so much better. 

Building your wardrobe on a budget during major sale seasons  like Boxing day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and 4th of July is also another trick, where prices are known to be lower. 

women in a red floral printed dress

2. Subscribe to your favorite retailers’ loyalty clubs or mailing lists:

Utilize coupon codes or special sale events by signing up for your favorite retailers’ loyalty clubs or mailing lists. There are many perks to doing this as realtors often reward customers who are loyal to their brand. You will often be the first to be notified of promotions and you may get extra perks and discounts that may save you big.

3. Thrift and Consignment shopping:

I am not at the thrift store as much as I use to be as prices have  risen over the years. However, in general you are saving significantly more thrifting compared to paying full price at the store. It’s a great place to get basic items like black pants,  and denim. The bonus is  sometimes if you’re lucky you will find brand new items with tags still on them. If you choose to shop consignment shops or resale, places like  Plato’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange are great. You’ll most likely find more on trend things and designer brands for less than retail prices.

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4. Take your Time: 

Great closets are not built overnight. It takes time to build a wardrobe you love and it takes time to accumulate quality pieces. Make sure you take your time before purchasing and are not purchasing things on impulse as in the end it will cost you  more and create even more clutter in your closet. Each season, take time to do inventory and assess what pieces you need to add to your closet. 

5 secrets for building your wardrobe on a budget

5. Create a capsule wardrobe: 

The best wardrobe is a wardrobe that has all the right wardrobe foundations. A capsule collection includes clothing that are basics, essentials, and timeless. Wardrobe basics include black pants, denim jeans, white bottom up, and a black dress to name a few. These pieces are important because they allow you to mix and match your existing wardrobe without having to constantly buy something new. In the end it saves you tons of money if you are able to rework your existing pieces. 

These two dresses were purchased recently on sale, as summer is slowly coming to an end. Both dresses can be styled in the summer and be restyled in the fall as well. I paired both dresses causally but it can be dressed up with heels to make it more evening appropriate. I paired the light teal patterned dress with my DIY Straw Basket Bag.

Hope you enjoyed the post and took away some practical tips on building your wardrobe on a budget.

What are your tips for building your wardrobe on a budget? 

Outfit #1:Red patterned dress: Winners / Shoes: Sears  / Hat: Winners / Bag: DSW

  Outfit #2 : Teal dress: Hudson Bay / Shoes: Sears / Hat: Winners / Bag: DIY

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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