9 Breast Pumping Essentials to make Pumping Easier

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9 breast pumping essentials to make pumping a comfortable and pleasant experience

Being a mom is a lot of work and breastfeeding can be a tough job. A woman’s body develops its own milk production but milk production can fall quickly if the baby is not feeding. Therefore, pumping is a good option to enhance your breastfeeding experience if your baby cannot feed on the breast. Pumping is also a great option if you work or need someone else to feed your baby. Personally, I had a love/ hate relationship with pumping. Although it’s useful and needed, I found it time-consuming and at first uncomfortable. However, it does not have to be with the right products. You don’t need a hospital grade pump to be successful in pumping. Below are 9 breast pumping essentials to make pumping a more comfortable and pleasant experience.

1. Breast pump:

The first thing you will need is a good and efficient breast pump.  Here are some questions you should be asking yourself before buying.

  • Does it have adjustable speeds?
  • Does it allow for hands-free pumping?
  • Is it easy to sterilize the breast pump?
  • Is it portable? and does it have rechargeable batteries?
  • Is it a double pump or single pump?

There are a variety of breast pumps on the market which have many different features. I talked more about breast pumps in a post entitled how to choose and get a free breast pump.  I go over the features you should be looking for and how to get a breast pump for free. I used and liked the medulla Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump. It was easy to use and portable. Moreover, the company offers replacement valves and membranes, which make changing pump parts easier.  However, which pump you purchase will be dependent on your needs and lifestyle.

2. Pumping Bra:

Pumping with a pumping bra is much easier than pumping without one, especially if you plan on doing other things while pumping. If you already have breastfeeding bras those are fine too as it makes it easier to access your breasts for pumping.  There are a ton of pumping bras on the market. Medela offers the Expression Bustier, which is a pumping bra that allows you to be hands-free while you pump.

3. Storage bags:

After pumping you will need a place to store your breast milk. This is especially important if you are planning to freeze your breast milk for long term use. Opt for breast milk storage bags that are durable, that have a double locking top seal and where you can pump directly into the bag.

4. Portable Cooler:

A portable cooler comes in handy if you are planning to pump outside the home or are working outside the home.  A portable cooler is a must. I got a medela pump kit that came with a breast milk storage bag and contoured ice packs where you are able to store bottles after you are done pumping. However, they are many on the market that you can buy separately.

5. Pump bag:

There are a lot of options on the market for pumping moms in terms of pump bag options. However, you don’t necessarily need a special bag. Find a bag that is easy to carry and that you can fit all your pumping essentials. You can even use a diaper bag if it can fit all your pumping essentials.

6. Nursing cover:

A nursing cover is handy if you must pump in public and need more privacy. There are thousands of different nursing covers on the market. I talk more about the options in my breastfeeding essentials for nursing moms post.

7. Quick clean wipes:

These wipes are convenient if you are pumping on the go and need something that is hygienic and proven safe for cleaning breast pumps, breast shields, and accessories when there is no soap and water. The great thing is the wipes can also be used to clean high chairs, counter tops, and toys. I use Medela Quick Clean Breast Pump and Accessory Wipes.

8. Nursing pads/ breast pads:

Do I need nursing pads? What do breast pads do? The purpose of nursing/breast pads is to absorb leaking milk. You want to avoid the embarrassment of leaking milk stains on your blouses. So, it’s a must if you decide to start pumping or start breastfeeding. These pads below are great because they are reusable. Just simply throw them in the washing machine.

9. Bottles:

If you are planning to feed your baby your pumped breast milk then it’s important to have bottles that your baby will feed on.  I like the Philips Avent Natural baby bottle and used it for my baby. I liked it because it is a bottle made for babies who breastfed and made it less confusing for my daughter when we switched from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. However, I encourage you to find something that works for both you and your baby.

I hope my 9 breast pumping essentials to make pumping a comfortable and pleasant experience was useful for you and answered some questions you had about breast pumping.  If you have a tip on pumping or products to share. Please share it below in the comments.

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