5 Tips for choosing a makeup artist that’s right you + Before and After Pictures


5 Tips for choosing a makeup artist that's right you, Toronto Beauty Blogger, Makeup Artist

In all honesty I am no expert when it comes to applying makeup.  So when it comes to doing that for a special occasion I leave it to the experts. However, in this day and age where everyone seems to fancy themselves as a makeup artist, finding the right one for your needs is not always easy. When seeking a makeup artist for your special occasions here are 5 tips I have to help guide you in your decision making.


Information is readily available and at your finger tips today. Don’t be shy to ask for references and a portfolio of some sort from the makeup artist you are considering. Makeup artists who are proud of their work will gladly share images and often times even connect you with past clients. Also, don’t be afraid to ask family, friends, and others for personal recommendations for someone they have used in the past.

This one protects both the artist and the client. Ask for a contract or a document detailing expectations and limitations. This is key if you are planning to hire a makeup artist for your wedding or a larger event.


Request a trial if they don’t explicitly state that they offer one. This can come with a cost but it gives you an idea of how your makeup artist works and if you are a good fit for each other. You have to be comfortable with them and love their work. Do not settle especially with important life events. A trial run will give you an accurate idea of how their work looks in person.

It is crucial to make sure your makeup artist of choice can work with or has worked with clients with your complexion, your skin type or with any unique skin issues you may have.  You don’t want to be a ‘practice run’ for your makeup artist.


There are certain precautions an makeup artist will take to ensure there is no cross contamination  during the application process. Do they blow off excess product from brushes?   Are they applying the lip gloss on your lips with a disposable applicator? Ask questions! You are at risk for skin infections and more if proper care is not used in cleaning, storing and applying the products.

5 Tips for choosing a makeup artist that's right you, Toronto Beauty Blogger, Makeup Artist

It was not easy for me to strip down to show a before picture but after I got my makeup done I felt like a million bucks such as you should. I met my makeup artist Martha through a recommendation and could not be happier. She is located in Toronto and you can find more of her work here @marthak_makeup.


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What are some of your tips when choosing your makeup artist?

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  1. Madeline Asala
    March 24, 2016 / 4:03 pm

    I love this post, especially as I will need a make up artist for my wedding later this year! Also, you look good au naturel!www.souljournersstory.com

  2. Daria
    March 25, 2016 / 8:58 pm

    now that's some great tips, a makeup artits has to be the best for us x& just followed you, would love it if you could do the same back! xxdarcia.pl

  3. Miche
    June 9, 2016 / 7:24 pm

    Great tips. Make-up is beautiful and natural looking.

  4. Enzo Morricone
    September 25, 2017 / 5:43 am

    I asked my wife about this topic as she likes to experiment. She likes it natural looking so she's light on the make-up.So when asked what does she want from a make-up artist, she likes her artist easy to work with and understands what her face needs without much fussJust like when she had hers done at reapinpin. Ms. Rea Pinpin is a pro. I'd totally recommend her.

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