5 Date Night Ideas Without Leaving Home

couple enjoying date night while eating popcorn and enjoying a movie night

It’s not fair that Valentine’s Day comes so soon after Christmas. Just when you’ve scrimped and saved enough for the perfect day, another holiday comes along! It’s tempting to go all out for Valentine’s Day. A fancy dinner, expensive wine and chocolates, and new lingerie seem obligatory. Don’t give in if you don’t want to or can’t! What makes Valentine’s Day special is who you spend it with. There is nothing wrong with staying home for your date night. Continue reading to get inspired to have date night at home with these 5 date night ideas without leaving home.

Game Night

Game night date ideas can look different to different people. If you’re a video game junkie, give your guy a chance to be your player two! If he’s into those European board games with wooden pieces that take 3 hours to play, make it a labor of love to sit down and get into it with him. What matters is the time you spend together. Put your phones in another room, set a radio station to background music, and fill your glasses with your favorite drink. Tonight, it’s game on!

Movie Date Night 

Streaming services have put more films than ever right at your fingertips. A good movie night isn’t a cop out date night idea, it’s revealing. If you have time, book a double feature and each pick a movie. No complaining about the picks! Make it intimate by looking for films that meant a lot to you, either as a child or as an adult. Which movie made you wish you were an actress, or fall in love with another country, or opened your mind to wonder and excitement?

Couple snuggling while watching a movie during their date night

At Home Spa

Everyone loves a good massage. Pair it with beauty products like face masks and lotion.

Taste Something New Together

Why spend money on a fancy dinner when you can make a pretty darn good meal at home? Pick out a new recipe together that caters to both your tastes. Important: don’t pick an old favorite! You’re going to be cooking this together. If one of you already knows how to do it, you’re going to get frustrated with your less experienced partner. Try something new and work together! When you follow a recipe, there’s only so far you can go wrong. The experience will be worth every bite! After, cooking enjoy a romantic set up by taking decor  inspiration from my post- how to host the ultimate DIY Galentine’s Day Party.

Backyard Picnic

You can cook for this picnic if you want to, but you can also get good, cheap deli food. What makes this date night idea special is that it infuses your daily world with romance. Don’t just plop down on the ground outside. Make it romantic. Light a fire pit if you have to keep off that February chill! String up some lights and bring out some candles for a romantic glow. Pillows and blankets can make a bed fit for royalty. Add a speaker for background music. A little effort can transform your space, and remind you both that romance is where you make it. If it’s too cold outside or there is snow. Try having the picnic indoors.

Date night ideas that don’t break the bank often get looked down on. In many ways, they’re better than over the top dates. If your backyard can be romantic on Valentine’s Day, why not throughout the year? If you can get to know your partner better by watching their favorite childhood film, what’s cheap about that? The emotions matter most.

Hope you were inspired to enjoy Valentine’s day or date nights at home.

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What are your favorite at home date night ideas?

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