10 stylish indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Get into the holiday spirit with  these 10 stylish indoor Christmas decorating ideas and tricks. I hope you find this post inspirational and find the tips useful to  .  We are moving out of our condo soon so there will not be enough time to go all out with the Christmas decor but I gained so much inspiration when I visited my go to indoor studio that I use for blog content. The set up was gorgeous and I had to share it with you. Below are 10 stylish indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas.

1. A non traditional color scheme:

This year  try opting for non-traditional colors like mix metals or something bold like turquoise.  Instead of the typical red-and-green palette. A non-traditional color scheme can give your Christmas decor a more sleek and modern look. Here the color scheme was gold, silver, white, and grey.

10 stylish indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas, Greenery garland


2. Add some greenery garlands:

Decorate your mantel or stair case with greenery garlands. You can add fun elements to the garland by adding bows, ornaments and Christmas figures like this silver reindeer.

3. Play with frosted snow:

A trend I have been seeing a lot  is the use of frosted trees. Frosted snow gives a beautiful texture to a tree and brings out the tree’s decor. If you don’t have a frosted tree, you can always DIY some your self with white spray paint. You can also add the frosted effect to garlands, and wreaths.

10 stylish indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas, Greenery garland

4. Use presents as decor:

If you’re an excellent gift wrapper, show off your skills by using Christmas presents as part of the decor. You can pick wrapping paper similar to  your color theme or decor and display them under the tree or in other areas in the home.

5. Incorporate white faux fur:

Fake a fresh snowfall by placing a white faux fur rug beneath your tree. Not only does it look festive but it also gives it a chic look.

10 stylish indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

6. Fill Up your Lanterns:

Lanterns are accessories to have around all year long. If you have a lantern laying around, make it Christmas festive by filling it up with Christmas ornaments and add a bow. A very simple and inexpensive DIY.

7. Candles:

I love the look of incorporating candles into Christmas decor. To be on the safe side you can use battery powered candles like the ones pictured.

8. Decorate with Stockings

For some people stockings are an essential part of Christmas decor. They are a perfect way to add some fun personal touches.

9. Ornaments are not only for the Christmas tree

Ornaments are not only for the Christmas tree. They can also be used as decor on mantles, table settings, etc.

10 stylish indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

10. Grab a sled and other props:

Why not do something different by incorporating some festive props into your decor if you have the room. Try using a wooden sled, or reindeer.

There you have it! 10 stylish indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas that you can easily use to inspire your own decor.

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What are your favorite Christmas decorating tips?

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