10 Reasons Your Baby Is Not Sleeping

10 Reasons Your Baby Is Not Sleeping

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Sleep is important for your baby’s early growth and development.  Caring for your newborn can be overwhelming especially if your baby is not sleeping and you are not getting enough sleep as a result. Sleep was a huge issue for me as a new mom and if you are reading this, it is for you too. Luckily, this article will address 10 reasons your baby is not sleeping and give you solutions to ensure your baby’s comfort, safety, and readiness for sleep. Please read my post, the ultimate child bedtime routine for better sleep to get practical ideas for creating a bedtime routine that will get your baby or child sleeping throughout the night.

Why Your Baby May Not be Sleeping

Here are 10 reasons why your baby is not sleeping and possible solutions to it;

1. Your baby doesn’t know the time of the day

Your baby sleeps well during the day but is awake and busy at night. This can be frustrating and exhausting. Newborn babies don’t know when it is daytime or bedtime, so they tend to sleep on a day/night reversal schedule.

Solution: Keep your baby awake a little longer during each waking period during the day. This will help increase the need for sleep later. Keep the lights bright during the day and dim at night, this will help signal your baby. Lastly, be patient as it will be a few months until your baby’s sleep cycle normalizes.

2. Your baby is wet

This is a common reason why babies wake up crying in the middle of a sound sleep. If your baby has a wet diaper, it will make them uncomfortable and difficult to sleep well

Solution: Change your baby’s diaper before you put them down for bedtime or naps.

3. Your baby is hungry or thirsty

Experts say hunger is the most common reason babies wake during the night. Thirst is another reason why they wake up too. Your baby may have trouble falling asleep if they are hungry. If you are breast-feeding, the milk is digested quickly. That means your baby can wake up hungry and ready to fill their belly.

Solution: A drink of breast milk or formula may do the trick. Nurse or bottle-feed your baby. Also, make sure to feed your baby before you put them down for a nap or bedtime.

4. Your baby doesn’t feel well

Your baby may be teething, have a cold, constipation, gas, etc. Every one of those things will cause a baby to wake up often.

Solution: Check with your pediatrician if you suspect pain or a medical condition.

5. Your baby is uncomfortable with the temperature of the room

Your baby’s skin temperature may be too hot or too cold due to over-dressing or not covered up properly.

Solution: Touch your baby’s bare skin under their clothes, such as on their back. If your baby is sweaty or their skin feels hot and they are not sick then they are likely overdressed. If your baby’s skin feels cold, then they are likely too cold and need another layer or warmer pajamas.

6. Your baby is getting distracted by noise

Loud noise from radio, television or your other children can distract your baby from sleeping.

Solution: Noise must not be heard from your baby’s room, to make your baby focus on sleeping. Keep your baby’s environment quiet or invest in a white noise machine to drown out loud noises.

7. Your baby is going through new developmental milestones

There are developmental milestones that can disrupt your baby’s sleep at night or during nap time. For instance, your baby learns how to crawl, pull up, walk or talk.

Solution: Hold, cuddle, and rock your baby to calm them if they are fussy.

8. Sleeping environment

Your baby may not relax well in bed if it is stuffy and uncomfortable.

Solution: Always make sure that your baby has a comfortable, safe and cozy sleeping environment. Also, make sure the bed is free from irritating and uncomfortable objects.

9. No sleep association

Sleep association is any action that makes your baby fall asleep.

Solution: Begin developing a sleep or bedtime routine so your baby begins to associate certain actions with sleep.

10. Your baby needs you

All babies love their parents and want some bonding time.

Solution: Bond with them before they go to sleep and create a simple bedtime routine like:

  • Read your baby a book.
  • Sing a song or play some soothing music for your baby.
  • Place your baby in bed and give them a kiss.

These all will create a lasting bond and make them feel loved.

Sleep can be a challenging aspect of parenthood. However, with patience, it can become less challenging. Next time your baby is not sleeping try going through this list.

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