10 Newborn diaper Bag Essentials that you really need

10  Newborn diaper Bag Essentials that you really need

When you’re a new mom the diaper bag  becomes your best friend and when packed right it can make your life a lot easier. From spit-ups, baby boredom and poopy diapers, a diaper bag can help with many messy situations. Here are 10 newborn diaper bag essentials that you really need. This post will also be useful for parents with infants and children of all ages as these essentials are the basics items that should be in all diaper bags regardless of your child’s age.

 Newborn Diaper Bag Essentials

1. Practical and Stylish Diaper Bag

There are a lot of stylish and practical diaper bags on the market that don’t look like your typical baby bags. They have great storage compartments and are stylish enough to wear anywhere. We chose a plain black one because it was practical for both my husband and I to wear out and the dark color made it less likely that it would easily get dirty.

2. Diapers

This is defiantly a must have! I recommend having a diaper for every 2-3 hours you’re out and an extra one to be on the safe side. The more hours you are planning to spend out of your home, the more diapers you should place into your baby bag.

3. Baby wipes

Baby wipes are essential as well because they can be used for diaper clean up and come in handy for many different messy situations. I suggest getting a reusable travel pack that can be refilled when low and that is durable enough to keep the wipes moist.

4. Changing pad

It’s best to have a portable changing pad as part of your newborn diaper bag essentials. You can lay your baby on the change pad instead of laying them directly on the changing table in public restrooms that are covered in germs. Most baby diaper bags already come with the changing pad, but you might need something bigger to serve your baby’s needs.

5. Plastic bag

This is great for stinky diapers or even clothes that have become dirty while being out. Of course, you may use diaper disposal bags, but they won’t work for all the stuff you might need to take.

6. Burp cloths and bibs.

Burp cloths are great for protecting your clothes and cleaning up messes. Bibs are a must have when your baby starts drooling, or if required during feeding.

7. Hand sanitizer.

You never know what germs are laying around, so this is great way to ensure your hands are clean especially when out and about when you can not wash with soap and water. Alcohol-based sanitizers are known to be more effective than non-alcohol. Moreover, they are used in healthcare since they kill most of the microorganisms.

8. Blanket or/ and Breastfeeding cover.

A blanket is a great way for keeping your baby warm and cozy or it can be used to lay on the floor for baby to play on. If you’re breastfeeding you may also want to carry a breastfeeding cover to provide you some privacy while feeding in public. There are a lot cute breastfeeding covers that also double as car seat covers or even fashionable scarves when you no longer need it for breastfeeding. If you would like a complete breastfeeding essential guide check out my post, Breastfeeding Essentials for Nursing Moms.

9. Extra baby clothes.

Things could get messy, so it’s always best to have extra clothes. You might want to have two outfits ready because unexpected spit-ups or diaper blow outs happen more often than you think.

10. Bottle 

Lastly, you will need bottles to feed your baby whether your pumping or breastfeeding. 

Bonus: Mommy items.

You can’t forget about yourself. Having an extra shirt, nursing pads or even a snack should be included in your newborn diaper bag essentials. A good diaper bag has a lot of pockets, so also don’t forget your phone, keys and other small things that you need access to.

Hope you got some great ideas on newborn diaper bag essentials

What are your favorite essentials in your diaper bag?

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