10 Easy DIY Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

9 Easy DIY Mother's Day Craft Ideas

Mother’s Day is May 12th this year! How are you celebrating with your loved ones? Need some original, quick and easy DIY  Mother’s Day Craft Ideas to make as a gift? Well, you have come to the right place! I have gathered some of my favorite DIY Mother’s Day Craft Ideas and put them all here in this blog post for you. Don’t forget to share these crafts with your loved ones so you can spread the creative love this Mother’s Day.

10 Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Quick and Easy Mother’s Day Wreath, The Perfect Gift

Create this Mothers Day Wreath in less than 30 minutes. Perfect Spring wreath idea

by See Lindsay

Wreaths aren’t only for Christmas. I have seen them done for Autumn, Spring, Easter and Halloween. Did you know you could make a Mother’s Day wreath as well? I know I didn’t! Check out this quick and easy Mother’s Day Wreath, the perfect gift for any Mother!


Lemon Sugar Scrub with Free Printable Labels – Fabulous DIY Gift!

Lemon Sugar Scrub  DIY Mother's Day Craft Ideas

by Beauty Crafter

I love a good skin scrub and a good citrus scent. This DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub is perfect for any mother into self-care. Let her know the benefits of exfoliates and lemon with this super personalized gift. You can even add her favorite essential oil for smell!

Sparkling Flower-Scented Coconut Oil Sugar Scrubs

Mother's Day DIY Gift Idea Sparkling Flower and scented Coconut Oil Sugar Scrubs

by Boulder Locavore

Here’s another amazing DIY sugar scrub for Mothers. This one is flower-scented and you can get real personal by choosing her favorite flowers and add it as a bouquet as part of the gift. I love sugar scrubs because you can use them for your skin, face, or lips!

DIY Succulents


by Pink Fortitude

Plants are becoming the style staple in every household and succulents are the major trend right now. Not only are they good for the environment but they make amazing mother’s day gifts. Make a DIY succulent for any mother and personalize the pot with her favorite colors. You can use ribbon, twine, paint, etc

Dark Chocolate Mother’s Day Bouquet

Move over Edible Arrangements! This next DIY Mother’s Day gift idea  has you creating your own delicious chocolate treats for your Mother. It’s easy and super quick! Use her favorite colors as the flower petals and don’t worry, you don’t have to use dark chocolate. Get creative and add different types of chocolate!

Dove Chocolate Mother's Day

DIY Mother’s Day Inspired Spring Center-Piece

Easter Flowers Easter Flowers arrangement

by Sincerely Jackline

Maybe you want to treat your Mother to a home cooked meal surrounded by her loved ones. This super easy spring center piece will work perfect for any Mother’s Day table setting. Customize the settings using her favorite colors and flowers or gift her a beautiful vase with her favorite flowers. She will love the effort you put into it.

Rose Water Face Spray

Rose water has been around since the days of Cleopatra. Yes, women FOR-EVER have been searching for beauty in the fountain of youth. If you are looking for an all-natural rose water face spray and toner to sooth your skin, this DIY is for you. It's also a perfect gift for Mother's Day, a teacher gift, or for a special friend. It's quick and easy, and perfect to keep in the fridge for a hot summer pick-me-up. Learn how to make it...

By Pink Fortitude

I love face sprays, and this rose water face spray is a perfect and easy DIY for Mother’s Day. Infuse the face spray with her favorite essential oils. Let her know to spray the mist on her face whenever she is having a stressful day or if she needs a quick refresh. She’ll remember this gift forever!

DIY Flower Lotion Bars

DIY Mother's Day Crafts Idea handmade soap

by Heavenly Savings

This DIY was exciting to come by! Have you ever heard of lotion bars? When heat is applied (usually using the warmth of rubbing hands together) the bar melts and moisturizes your skin. It’s perfect to add to any DIY spa basket for Mother’s Day. Get creative! It doesn’t have to be in the shape of flowers! Heart shaped ones would be lovely as well.

Cat Inspired Mother’s Day Card

Our Cat Mother's Day Card is literally the "purr-fect" kid-made surprise for Mom!

The Soccer Mom Blog

You can never go wrong with a homemade Mother’s Day card! How cute is this Cat inspired card? Perfect for mother’s and grandmothers. Write down sweet messages from you and your family and hand it to your mother. I promise she won’t be disappointed.

DIY Butterfly Wreath 


A close up of a butterfly wreath

by Sincerely Jackline

Again outdoor decor are big this season so why not gift your mother a unique wreath you made yourself. 

Did you love the crafts on this post? Check out my other DIY posts here. Let me know which DIY Mother’s Day Craft  ideas was your favorite in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial.

Until Next Time

Sincerely Miss J

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