10 baby items not worth buying and you don’t need

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As soon as we found out we were expecting our first child, we went into autopilot mode buying everything we thought we needed for the baby. We quickly realized that there were a lot of items we did not need. Here are 10 baby items not worth buying. Everything adds up so if you decide to skip these baby items you can potentially save big. Every family and circumstance is different so some of these items may be important to some and not to others.

1.Newborn and Baby shoes:

Baby shoes may be super cute but realistically these are one of the baby items you don’t need to purchase until your child is much older. It’s recommended to invest in proper footwear once your child starts walking. Instead, I recommend opting for infant socks to keep your child’s feet warm as it will be more practical and less expensive.

2. Wipe Warmer:

The wipe warmer was alluring and hard to resist when we first heard about the product. What a perfect product to help avoid the distress of cold wipes. However, we soon learned that it was not practical and was inconvenient to use as you will need to refill it up constantly. We also learned that our baby did not mind room temperature wipes. The trick is ringing out the extra moisture in the wipe which makes it less cold.

3. Investing in too many newborn baby clothes:

Babies often do not stay newborns for very long and often grow out of their clothes before they can even wear them. They also are more likely to have diaper blowouts and spit-up, so clothing is more likely to get soiled. My daughter often wore inexpensive full sleepers and onesies when she was a baby which was very practical and convenient. Therefore, I recommend investing in some inexpensive sleepers and onesies and less on fancy clothes. If you are trying to maintain a tight budget I talk about 12 Ways to Save Money on Baby products in a previous post that you may find helpful. 

4. Tons of baby bottles:

This is an item that new mothers tend to overbuy. You get convinced to prepare for every situation and that you may need to experiment with multiple bottles, brands, and nipples before you find the right one. In the end, you end up with 10 or more bottles.  I barely used bottles because I ended up exclusively breastfeeding and only needed a couple of bottles. I would recommend buying only a couple of bottles before the baby comes and see what your baby may prefer. Sometimes you may need to be patient and allow your baby to get used to the bottle before switching to another one.

5. A fancy change table:

A place to change your baby that is safe and convenient is a must but you do not need a specially designed or fancy changing table.  Instead, I advise investing in a midsize dresser and a comfy changing pad. If there is not a lot of open storage, you can invest in a little cart or shelves to put your baby supplies in. Another option is investing in a transitional change table that when your baby gets older, you can transition into a dresser. Usually, those items have drawers but they also have open shelves and storage areas to store your baby supplies.  I share more Baby Nursery Decor Must Haves and tips in a previous post. 

6. Burp cloths:

Burp cloths are needed as most babies spit up a lot especially as a newborn. So, it’s important to have something you can lay over your shoulder during and after a feeding. However, you don’t need to use a burp cloth,  a small towel or dishcloth will do the trick. These items are cheaper than buying burp cloths and essentially do the same thing. Just remember, most things when labeled a baby product will be more expensive than what they really are. 

7. Crib bumper and bedding:

I regretted buying the crib bedding set because I could only use the fitted sheet. The rest of the set was wasted.  Experts advise not to use crib bumpers and have any loose bedding or pillows because they are a hazard to your baby if they are placed in your crib while your baby is sleeping. 

8. Baby Robe:

I am not sure why baby robes were made as they do not serve any immediate purpose. This is one of those baby items you’ll regret buying as they are not used by most parents.  Therefore, I had to add this to the list of baby items not worth buying.

9. Diaper Pail: 

10.  A baby swing:

While a swing has proven very useful to me when it comes to calming a fussy baby  or having a place to put the baby if I need to get something done. I learned very quickly that it wasn’t necessary to get one. My daughter quickly out grew it and we could not use it in the newborn phase because she was too little to hold her head up. However, some mother’s find swings useful especially if their child suffers from heartburn.

I hope you enjoyed reading the 10 baby items not worth buying. Again, every family and circumstance is different so these were the items I personally did not find useful and regret buying. Did you agree with this list? What are the items that you regret buying for your baby or found you barely used? Please comment below. 

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