10 baby and toddler travel essentials you need!

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Travelling with babies and toddlers is no easy task. So, I wanted to share with you 10 baby and toddler travel essentials that you will need to make your next vacation as painless as possible. Whether you’re travelling on a plane, train, or on a road trip these items should be included in your packing list. As you know, we love shopping for all things baby and child at buybuyBaby. So, I have partnered with buybuyBaby to share our favorite baby and toddler travel essentials and offer you some travel advice we have learned over the years.

Family travel is important to my husband and me so when we travel we take our 16 month-old with us. Maybe when she is older we will try to leave her at home on occasion but for now, she will continue to travel with us.

Baby and Toddler travel Essentials

1. Carrier:

On our last trip, we left our stroller at home and opted for a carrier. Carriers are super convenient and allow you to be hands-free and move more freely around. If your trip requires more activity then a carrier is a great way to transport your baby or toddler. This one is a simple carrier similar to one we currently use and can hold child up to 40lbs. However, if you are backpacking or hiking there are carriers that are made specifically for that so I encourage you to do your research before purchasing.

2. Travel stroller:

A stroller is a convenient way to transport your baby or toddler. My advice is to opt for a travel stroller or umbrella stroller when travelling with a baby or toddler. They are often compact, light, and easy to transport. These strollers are also approved by airlines to board with you on the plane. This is the one we use but there are many of them on the market with different price points.

3. Tablet and headphones:

Toddlers can easily get restless especially during long trips. My daughter usually sleeps for half the trip but when she is awake she wants something to do. That is why we always make sure to bring an iPad and headphones with my daughter’s favorite shows and games. Right now I am on the search for new games and activities so if you have any suggestions please leave them below.

4. UV Tent 

This may not be on many parents packing lists but we found buying a UV shade device very helpful. You can use it while travelling or use it when you are outdoors. It’s helpful because your baby can play and have shelter from the sun’s rays while out on a hot day. This is not the exact one we have and we bought one to use on the beach when we went away. The best thing is it is compact.

5. Sleep Sack:

Often times planes, trains, and buildings can get super cold. The great thing about a sleep sack is it allows you to limit the number of blankets you pack to prevent weighing down your luggage.

6. Portable playpen or Portable crib 

In most cases, a portable playpen is not always needed because most hotels and resorts have them available upon request. However, there may be some instances which they are not available or you may prefer to bring your own. My advice is always to call ahead and check if they are available. The portable playpen or crib provides somewhere for your baby or toddler to sleep and play. Most flights (domestic or international) allow you to check it in for free. However, call prior to travelling for their policy.

7. Car seat and car seat protector backpack:

There are a few rental or car services that offer car seats. However, we always bring our own because you never know. Travel car seats are great because they are considerably lighter than the more expensive day-to-day brands. Also, when traveling your car seats have more risk of being damaged so you will want to invest in a separate car seat if you do a lot of traveling. Lastly, to protect the car seat and make it easier to carry, investing in a car seat protector bag is recommended.

8. First-aid kit: 

Always remember to bring a first-aid kit as you never know when it will come in handy. Also, remember to carry the necessary medications.

9. Diaper Bag:

I recently wrote a post on 10 Newborn diaper Bag Essentials that you really need and that post is filled with general items that should be in your diaper bag. A stocked portable diaper bag is an important travel gear as it will make your life easier. Opt for a backpack style diaper bag and skip the two straps as it will allow you to travel hands-free. Don’t forget to add a few extra items just in case something happens to your luggage.

10.  White Noise Machine   

Most of the time you can not predict who will be your neighbor on your vacation and just in case you get stuck with some rowdy people, a white noise machine is perfect for settling your child and drowning out the chaos. It may not work for your child but it’s worth a try in those situations.

Baby and Toddler travel essentials

I hope you found my 10 baby and toddler travel essentials useful and that they make your upcoming trip easier while travelling with kids. 

Until Next Time,

Sincerely Jackline 

What are your baby and toddler travel essentials? 

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